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Core Strategies

Software and automation is at our core. We believe in efficient, resilient, and scalable approach. Work smarter not harder, so we can be more impactful and, at best, make it look easy.

To our customers, we offer a communications platform to integrate to their business. We have taken the challenge of connecting many telecommunication providers in the world and giving our customers the best selection. By aggregating our customer traffic we offer consistent quality at the best possible price.

Be accountable, transparent, and honest. With ourselves, our peers and customers.

Why Synacy

Why Synacy?

We at Synacy believe in finding people who are the perfect mix of skill and ingenuity. We encourage people to take initiative, explore new ideas, and lead their colleagues.

We give a lot of freedom to our teams to decide their way of approaching problems. We try to make our lives easier by providing everything needed including the right technology, food, coffee, flexible working hours and location.

Technologies Used

Technologies used in Synacy

Project Streams


Our platform is used by multiple businesses to deliver their services across multiple currencies, brands and locations. Our system routinely processes millions of transactions and we are able to scale effectively on demand where required.


We have new products being developed for telecommunications businesses. These products are built within Project Whitelabel and combine physical telecommunications equipment, cloud infrastructure, and sound UX/UI.


Spanning multiple countries, multiple data centres and utilising virtualised and physical telecommunications hardware, our global voice core platform combines open source, proprietary, commercial, and customised software elements.

Synacy Team

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