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Synacy Software Engineering Graduate Program Batch 2

Six successful engineers made it to the second round of the Synacy Software Engineering Graduate Program. The second batch started their Java training at Orange and Bronze Software Labs in Manila last April and later started their training at Synacy last week.


The graduates with O&B Senior Software Engineer and Trainor Tommy Lim Jr.


The graduates went to Manila for their 10-week Java programming training  by Tommy Lim Jr., trainer and senior software engineer of Orange and Bronze Software Labs (O&B).  They learned about the Fundamentals of Java & Object Oriented Programming, Java Web Development, Intro to Software Engineering and different Java Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, JSF and Struts.



The graduates are presently learning different projects at Synacy and are being trained by O&B/Synacy software engineers.


“The training in Manila was all worth it. It was very informative.”


The graduates on their second day at Synacy.

Paul Edward Golez is a fresh BSIT graduate from University of Cebu. Though he finds the program a bit challenging, he is ready to face a new chapter in his life as a full-time software engineer. He is hopeful that through working with Synacy, he will be molded into a globally competitive IT professional.


“I always wanted to continue what I have learned back in college. I’m thankful for this opportunity to learn more about software development.”

June B. Ligan is a computer engineering graduate from University of San Carlos. Although his previous work experience was not related to his course, he still wants to pursue a career in software engineering, hence, joining the graduate program. His experience with programming includes robotics in school and freelance projects, although not on the software side. He enjoys coding a lot and working with Synacy will definitely help him develop his programming skills.


“I learned a lot of techniques during our training in Manila which are very useful in software development.”

Larry Borrero is a computer science graduate from Visayas State University. Before joining the graduate program, Larry worked as an IT personnel specialist at one of Cebu’s popular business enterprises. Aside from his regular job, he also engaged in various freelance programming projects. Joining the graduate program gives him the opportunity to focus on programming and software development.  His motivation is to create new programs and build his self with technology.


“Since I am new to web development, working will be exciting as there are different things to explore.”

Francis Roda is also a computer science graduate from Visayas State University. Before joining the program, he was a game developer for an Android lab using Java. The training in Manila has provided him with different techniques in software development such as business development, proper software engineering and principles in software engineering. Coming from the world of gaming, web development for him is a challenge he is ready to face.


“The training in Manila was like a summary of my four years in college. It was all worth it.”

Gid Zyril Balugo, a computer science graduate from the University of the Philippines – Cebu, wants to be better, if not the best, software developer. He is motivated to learn more and widen his experience with  different projects in software development. Working in a new company such as Synacy is a great opportunity for growth. Before joining the program, he worked for an enterprise software.


“The training in Manila was very informative. With the learnings I got from the training, I am motivated to perform well in doing various Synacy projects.”

Chuckee Saliente is an IT graduate from AMA Computer Learning Center. He was a technical assistant in one of the country’s telecom providers before joining the graduate program. The training in Manila definitely helped him learn the concrete standards in programming. Now that they are in the next level of training, he is motivated to perform well and focus more on the job. Before joining the program, he was a technical assistant in one of the country’s telecommunications company.



After their training with Synacy, they will be evaluated and hopefully move up to becoming full time associate software engineers. They will have more learning and development assistance as well as more access to employee benefits such as HMO coverage for them and their families and team building days.

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