We develop software and support business processes for companies within our own management group.

Interests within the wider group are diverse, ranging from mineral exploration headquartered in Canada to information technology and telecommunications businesses in Singapore and Australia. The senior management is Australian but Cebu based.

Our software development projects provide interesting technical challenges including scaling a high volume transactional system, optimising and building APIs for our partners and developing exciting front end products. We also have a few new ideas that will keep things interesting. We employ agile development methods utilising Java, Grails, Spring, PostgreSQL and LAMP.

Opportunities exist in a number of other disciplines including administration, legal, accounting, web development, design, and sales. The company aims to build a culture that rewards initiative, hard work, ingenuity, and to provide a platform for people who aspire to excel their field.

Are you are a high performer?

  • Headquarters

    Synacy Inc. opened a temporary office in November 2012 and commissioned an architect to design 500 sq meter headquarters in the Crown 7 Building in Mabolo, a short distance from Cebu IT Park. The office, located on level 6 will serve as the group HQ and a premier work environment in Cebu.

  • The Challenge
    1. Create a space that makes it easy to perform.
    2. Allow technical staff, creatives, admin and specialists to collaborate across projects.
    3. Encourage functional access between team leaders, executives and team members.
  • The Space

    We tried to focus on functionality. What kind of things would make a good office space?

    • Light from natural and controlled sources
    • Catering of employee meals during work hours
    • Custom created, perfectly sized desks paired with quality imported seats
    • Split zones for teams with semi-controlled climate and lighting
    • Separate dedicated 24/7 front-office operations room
    • Accessible conference room which is easily re-configured for meetings, break outs, class room sessions, seminars or movie nights
  • The Plan

    Our plans came around by trying to solve the question of making a good office environment. What you see below is what we are currently building. Would you work here?

    synacy office top viewsynacy office workplacesynacy office pantry


  • Food, Glorious Food

    Synacy provides meals to employees in the company cafeteria. It is serviced by a fully appointed stainless steel commissioned kitchen designed by restaurateurs The Abaca Group. The mission of the cafeteria chef is to provide healthy and tasty food to employees.

  • The Tools

    We want to make your job easier.
    Are you a coder? Need to run virtuals and have plenty of ram? OK. Are you a graphics person and prefer a Mac? OK. Are you into spreadsheets a lot and need two monitors? OK.

  • HMO

    As a regularized employee you will receive full Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) services provided by Intellicare.

    • 6 months from start of employment – regularisation 100% of employee
    • 12 months from start of employment – 100% of 1st dependent
    • 24 months from start of employment – 80% of 2nd dependent

    Employees are also able to elect to salary sacrifice dependent HMO services any time after their regularisation.

    Pre-employment screenings are handled by Aventus.

  • Allowances

    Synacy structures remuneration in line with the best outcomes for company and employee. As such, employee packages will contain all possible allowances:

    • Meal Allowance
    • Clothing Allowance
    • Rice Subsidy
    • Laundry Allowance
    • Medical Allowance
    • Medical Cash allowance
  • Coming Soon

    Employee stories cast light onto what people find themselves doing at Synacy. Coming soon.


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