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Synacy partners with Passarelles Numeriques

Synacy is proud to announce its partnership with Passerelles Numeriques (PN), a non-profit organization aimed at helping the most underprivileged youth earn a college degree in IT-related courses.

Synacy believes in PN’s aspiration of creating a world where many deprived children from the country’s rural areas can have access to education and employment and build a better future for themselves and for their family.

“Our primary mission is to attract talented, motivated and intelligent individuals who are career oriented and have the capability to take themselves further. With this program, we’re able to offer talented candidates an opportunity to be exposed to our business.” said Synacy VP Tom Okagami. “We want to give these students the opportunity to be trained, to develop their craft and eventually to gain employment. We are luckily small enough to allow some very meaningful mentoring and exposure to strategic decision makers, while being a large enough operation to make the experience meaningful” Tom added.

Why Synacy?

Synacy develops software and supports businesses for companies within its own management group, with diverse interests ranging from mineral exploration to information technology and telecommunications businesses. Our software development projects provide interesting technical challenges including scaling a high volume transactional system, optimising and building APIs for our partners and developing exciting front end products. We employ agile development methods utilising Java, Grails, Spring, PostgreSQL and LAMP. The company aims to build a culture that rewards initiative, hard work, ingenuity, and to provide a platform for people who aspire to excel their field.

Internship program

Synacy’s internship program will train participants in different fields, from software development to account management, technical support, SEO and SEM.

To become an intern at Synacy, applicants will be given a series of tests and interviews to determine their abilities that are fit for the company. Academic performance and personality will also be taken into account during selection, throughout a process the candidate is briefed on the internship specifics and company structure. The 18-month program will include a heavy focus on specific product training, customer service operations as well as extensive mentorship sessions explaining aspects of the business in a way that showcases a modern IT operation. Aside from hands-on training, Synacy will offer one-on-one coaching, mentoring and workshops that will enable them to develop their own learning plans which they can use in the future. The program will serve as their training ground in developing much-needed skills for the IT industry and with Synacy, many opportunities are coming in for PN interns as the company is setting on expanding its operation hours to 24/7.

What is Passerelles Numeriques?

Passerelles Numeriques, founded in 2005, helps young deserving students take the last step into skilled employment by offering them the opportunity to develop their talents so they can start to make contributions to their society. The program started in Cambodia and later expanded in the Philippines and Vietnam.

PN has collaborated with University of San Carlos in Cebu City, Philippines, for the education and training of the students in IT education, specifically Systems & Network Administration and Software Development. They started out with 24 students last 2009 and currently, there are now 222 students enrolled.

Through education, Passerelles Numeriques enables the most underprivileged young people to access employment in the promising sector of high tech and break with their families the cycle of poverty. PN’s mission is to enable the largest number of youths in a precarious situation access to training and skilled employment in Information Technology.

Passerelles Numeriques Philippines held its 4th annual Internship Job Fair last September 16 and 17, 2013 at University of San Carlos. Sixteen companies were there, including Accenture, Tieto and Synacy, and their representatives interviewed 89 students who will start their 18 months of internship in November 2013.

Visit the website at to know more about Passerelles Numeriques.

Synacy VP Tom Okagami giving a talk during PN'P's Job Fair last Sept 16 & 17 at the University of San Carlos

Synacy VP Tom Okagami giving a talk during PN’s Job Fair last Sept 16 & 17 at the University of San Carlos

Synacy VP Tom Okagami interviewing one of the PN students

Synacy VP Tom Okagami interviewing one of the PN students

Helene Huard, General Manager of Passarelle Numeriques Philippines

Helene Huard, General Manager of Passarelle Numeriques Philippines

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