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Synacy selects Payroll Hero and BDO for payroll services

Synacy, one of the newest technology development companies in Cebu, selects Payroll Hero, a hosted payroll and time attendance application, in combination with BDO Unibank, to provide payroll and payment services to its employees.

Synacy consistently makes use of systems which reduce repetitive work and allow our employees to concentrate on solving bigger problems to create a better company. In order to streamline activities such as managing tax rates, remuneration, time keeping, administering leave allowances, payslip requests and government related forms Payroll Hero is used. Employees have the option of nominating existing bank accounts or using the company provided BDO cash cards in order to withdraw salary payments which allows as much automation and least amount of human input in a normal payroll run.

“Running payroll leads to people getting paid which is of course essential; but why would we ask our accountant to calculate things manually when she doesn’t need to?”, said Synacy Vice President Tom Okagami.

Payroll Hero also provides reports for payroll staff such as attendance reports, shift loading and time accounting for shift based teams. These help to provide transparency and accountability while supporting expectations by being automatically provided online and easily and securely accessible.

“In the previous companies I worked for, for example, HR and accounting departments had a lot of paperwork. When I needed a certain document, like a payslip or a certification, I will have to wait for a week. With Payroll Hero, I can just log in online and print out the payslip I need for my phone application or credit card application. It’s little things like that, being able to do it myself, which means I can get back to more important things,” said Paulo Garcia, executive sales manager in one of Synacy’s client companies.

Synacy’s accountant, Heiden Anog also finds this solution an improvement on her previous company’s process, particularly setting up government deductions and tax rules as the system automatically adjusts the employees’ salaries to avoid discrepancies.

“In the previous companies I worked with, I had to manually compute employees’ deduction which was a hassle and it took a lot of my time. Not only that, when an employee asked for copies of his requirements or payslip, I had to browse through his 201 file just to look for it. One great thing about Payroll Hero is that it has integrated corresponding brackets for SSS, Philhealth, Pag-Ibig and BIR tax rates in their system. I only have to in put amounts and I’m done”

Payroll Hero also provides the application TimeClock for iPad, which is utilises facial recognition technology and allows for employees to quickly and easily login to work.


About Synacy

Synacy Inc. is a technology company. It develops software and supports businesses for companies within its own management group. With diverse interests ranging from mineral exploration to information technology and telecommunications businesses the senior management is Australian but Cebu based. The company aims to build a culture that rewards initiative, hard work, ingenuity, and to provide a platform for people who aspire to excel their field.


About Payroll Hero – Optimizing Work Productivity with Happiness

Consumer-friendly Time, Attendance, Scheduling and Payroll in the cloud for web and mobile.

We use your employees face as our primary biometric to avoid buddy punching and ghost employees. These clock-in pics are further given a mood rating to establish an array of business intelligence to your companies corollaries between productivity and mood.  For more information, visit www.PayrollHero.com

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